Sunday, March 20, 2011

Movie Review, Battle. Los Angeles

Movie Review, Battle. Los Angeles ½★

Take a movie with a somewhat decent plot, excellent CGI and the occasional good camera work, now add to it obscenely cliche writing and music, virtually no strong acting, a wooden male lead and a predictable ending and you come up with Jonathan Liebesman's Battle. Los Angeles (2011).

Do I recommend it? Well you don't want to take a girl to see this type of movie since it is a classic example of a testosterone-flick. But if you are considering taking your man (or a buddy) to see it and he is one of those types that are easily amused with shiny objects and believes that the US wars on Iraq/Afganistan were completely justifiable well then he will have a smash. But if your date has any sense of critical thinking you are better off saving your money.


R. E. Aguirre

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