Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review, Universal Theory.

Book Review, Universal Theory, Kermanshahi.

Universal Theory. A Model for the Theory of Everything by Mohsen Kermanshahi (Universal Publishers, 2007) is an interesting foray into the higher physical theories and Kermanshahi's brave attempt to unify them all (something no one has been able to do thus far). Unfortunately, Kermanshahi (dentist by profession) falls far short. The entire presentation seems muddled and haphazardly thrown together. There are numerous typological errors and even the English syntax is hard to follow at times (as if English is not the author's first language and if the book is a half-hearted attempt at a translation from a source language).

Like many others thinkers lately consciousness is the key to unify the various theories or what Kermanshahi dubs "singularity." But the main thrust of the argument is not fully fleshed out and seems hanging at some parts and too developed and redundant in others. Universal Theory bears the marks of a layman's attempt at the near impossibility even for the specialists. Much better treaties exist from this standpoint.

R. E. Aguirre

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