Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Growth.

     I started this blog back in 07' and it contained some of my free time musings, especially those concerning religion. Every word I printed and all of the incredible people I met along the way I do not and will not ever regret saying or meeting. I meant them at the time with a sincere and open heart. Also, my life has grown greatly because of these sharp wits that I met through these various on-line blogs and to them I will forever remain in their debt.

     However, as first and foremost an obsessive reader by choice and in my deepest passion (that of the pursuit of truth at all costs) - my views since 07 have grown dramatically, namely far from what one would call "conservative Christian," or even more generally, a theist at all. The seeds of this doubt I carried with me already in my most stringent studies of the Hebrew bible and Greek New Testament. There are contained in these writings unsolvable errors, contradictions and moral failings such that to the extant that they can no longer be seen as divinely mandated at all but simply as human writings, no different from the plethora of the other texts among the world's religions or even the classical Greek writings.

     Much more can be said about these issues but I dare not go into them here I simply do not have the time or energy for such a construction. I plan a full scale work to tackle these knotty issues in the future.  What I do plan to do here in this blog is to survey all of my old postings (and in some of my other blogs) and give updated and refinements on some of the issues I think I was incorrect in holding. This is of course a daunting effort and for a writer one of his most feared excursions; to admit error. But I hold now science and humanism as the ultimate epistemological methodologies and to be intellectually consistent I must put forward what I consider to be better views on some of the issues I have briefly written about on these blogs.

     This takes courage and patience.


 R. E. Aguirre

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