Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coyne and Dawkins

Here is a fascinating interview that Richard Dawkins had with the Jesuit George Coyne who is an accomplished astronomer and former head of the Vatican Observatory.1 Although I do not agree with everything Father Coyne expresses in this interview it is an admirable (short) defense of Theism in general and Catholic Christianity in particular from a very sophisticated intellectual within modern Catholicism.

Dawkins seems impressed and thankful for this opportunity to interview Coyne something which is exceedingly rare for him when compared to the other similar type's of interviews with Theistic thinkers (e.g., McGrath etc).


1 Father Coyne's contributions in Physics Philosophy and Theology. A Common Quest For Understanding (University of Notre Dame, 1997) is absolutely mandatory reading for all sides regarding these issues.

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Luis Vivanco said...

I have heard this interview in YouTube, slowly and carefully, for English is not my language. I find Father Coyne arguments, remarkable and intelligent, and I am happy that Mr. Dawkins, usually very aggressive in his interviews, and "militant" (not always without reason) here seems not only more relaxed, but even more receptive to a dialogue: retaining his differences and his opinions, he is very agreeable and sharp, with intelligent questions. Father Coyne not always has a very happy answer (Who could? I know I wouldn't...). In fact, I find some trouble in some of his answers. But nevertheless I heartily agree that he is one of today's Christian thinker that makes proud our Catholic Church.