Friday, January 28, 2011

Progress on Commentary.

This is just a short notice giving an update on my forthcoming full scale commentary on John's Apocalypse. It is going to be directed primarily for scholars (heavy Greek) but will also be profitable for teachers and students. It will be written from a Catholic yet historical-grammatical critical viewpoint. I believe this work should add to the many discussions surrounding the text of the Apocalypse since in many places I take a unique perspective.

As of today I have about 100 pages on the original manuscript done (mainly the spade work of the text) and I estimate I have a lot of work to do (about 20% complete of the final manuscript). The work is slow since I cannot devote as much time as I would like on this project but I am devoting 100% of my "free-time" on this book alone. I have not yet chosen a publisher (since that is far from my mind at the moment).

I have enclosed my Amazon Wishlist which lists many works that will aid me to be up to date on the secondary literature on the Apocalypse. People that help me acquire these books in my "wishlist" will have the option of getting mentioned (and a website of your choice) in the "special thanks" section in the book.

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