Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fee on Revelation and Other Matters.

Well known New Testament scholar Gordon Fee has recently published a commentary on Revelation in the New Covenantal Commentary Series (Wipf & Stock, 2010). There is also a video of Fee discussing his hermeneutical approach to Revelation. And while I disagree on many points with Fee both in his commentary and the video on several exegetical and hermeneutical issues regarding Revelation overall both are excellent examples of a seasoned scholar coming to terms with the text of this most mysterious book of the NT.

On a related note, someone suggested History Channel's Mysteries of the Bible. Apocalypse. The Puzzle of Revelation (1994). While hesitant at first (I have watched many 'videos' on Revelation and most of them have little to do with a correct hermeneutical starting point to begin with) I was pleasantly surprised at HC's Mysteries. First rate Apocalypse scholars are interviewed such as David Barr, Adela Collins, John Collins, Donald Senior (Aune is unfortunately missing)? What I did not like was the visual presentation with the oft repeated images of physical events such as volcanoes, meteors, flash flooding, nuclear warfare, etc. While there is a certain artistic license coupled with the fact that this is more or less a popular cable TV presentation the physical events imagery should have been greatly toned down.



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