Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Swan, A Review.

Black Swan, A Movie Review

In this age of sex, drugs and licentiousness, it is without doubt that Black Swan starring Natalie Portman is a smash hit with critic and sexually confused teenager alike. It is replete with mind bending visuals, garbled writing and angst. The acting of Natalie Portman is without questioning. And this film is all about Natalie Portman acting in my opinion. The supporting actors is a motley crew that really do not fit. The actual movie plot is predictable from what you would expect from this type of dark genre, the writing as I have mentioned already is dismal and the cinematography well is nothing really to write home about. And then there is the sex scenes. It is a fetish of modern cinema to dip into the depths of perversity in order to transfix the audience (and it is a sad reality that the audience is no doubt spellbound by the contortions of the flesh). There is a time and place for everything, the popular cinema is not the place for soft-core porn.

Portman however steals the show, showing off versatile acting prowess, something that we have experienced already from her metamorphosis - from Star Wars to Strip Clubs (Closer). It is a shame that she has yet to land an intelligent film that can really showcase her method and beauty. My suggestion is to save your money until this comes out on Netflix. Or better yet, use that hard earned money and purchase Milos Foreman's Amadeus (1984) which eclipses Black Swan in its symphonic madness.



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