Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Work of Titian the Artist

"Titian" or Tiziano Vecellio (1488-1576) has been dubbed the "Prince of Painters" by fans and scholars alike.1 I have enjoyed the work of this Italian master of the Renaissance and would like to share some of my favorites. (Pictured above, Self Portrait, oil on canvas, 1564).


Portrait of Pope Paul III without a cap (oil on canvas, 1543).

What words can I use to describe such a wonderful piece? The Assumption of the Virgin (oil on wood, 1516-18) took two years to complete. The radiance of heaven is simply beautiful.


Portrait of a Man (oil on canvas, 1514) is equally admirable. The smooth tones and loving touch of a master is tempered with realism.


The Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman (oil on canvas, 1510) seems to me very modern and impressionistic. The attitude and general disposition of the man is well captured.



[1]. Recent works on the life and art of Titian have been for example, Mark Hudson, Titian: The Last Days, (Walker & Co, 2009); Peter Humfrey, Titian, (Phaidon Press, 2007); Norbert Wolf, I Titian, (Prestel Publishing, 2006).

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