Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday.

Today in mass we celebrate both our Lord's humble entry into Jerusalem as well as His passion on the cross for us. The homilies that our priest gave were especially apropos for this remembrance in what Christians around the world consider the most holy week of the year.

In respect to the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem our priest reminded us that unlike the Roman military processions which accentuate might, glory and power - our Lord's entry was one of riding a lowly beast of burden. It was also a reversal of the common Jewish perception of how the Messiah would enter Jerusalem, one of victory over the gentiles (Roman occupation). Instead our Lord came humbly and meekly. Our Lord is the suffering servant unto death, even death on the cross. Our Lord went as far as "emptying himself" to become one of us (as our other reading today in Philippians exhorts, 2:6-11).

Despite all this the same crowds which cheered "hosanna" would be those who would be yelling "crucify him." Our priest reminded us not to fall in line with this crowd. We must always be careful in shouting "crucify him" with our lives and the danger of denying Him with hypocrisy and sin. Moreover, we must be careful not to deny our Lord with the way we respond to persecution. Our Lord did not respond in anger or fits of rage or even defenses of Himself. But how often are we short tempered, and snap back both to unbelievers and our Christian friends and family alike?

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