Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Jazz on a Saturday Afternoon.

 I love good music, from Gregorian Chant through Down South Swamp Blues and everything in between. Recently however I have been listening to a lot of Jazz from Yusef Lateef, Miles Davies and especially The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Paul Desmond is a master of the alto sax and flaunts his mastery and skill with it doing an improvisational riff in every different rendition of "Take Five." Consider this take:

Desmond is the epitome of white-man coolness. Calm, collected and sustained professionalism. Consider the next rendition and the different imrov here:

 What seamless passion. Dave Brubeck comes off well on the piano as well, what we are missing though is a spotlight on Joe Morelli on drums! Not too worry-


 R. E. Aguirre

 Paradoseis Journal


The Catholic Journeyman said...

Flawless, effortless and rightious, them cats.

George Weis said...

How much do I love that song? LOVE IT ALOT! Said simply. Always have... I remember it from childhood.