Monday, May 25, 2009

Doubt: Movie Review

   It has been a while since I have purposely went to the movies on my own accord to watch a good film. Such recent movies such as Wolverine Origins and Terminator Salvation has only reinforced my strict belief that good cinema has perished from mainstream film. What the masses want in today's day and age is 4 or 5 second scenes full of mindless brutality, drooling monsters or ramped up sex scenes. It is a shame that entire generations have been raised now on pulp fictions, spiderman's and Juno's. Forever gone are the long tracking shots of say Wells' "Touch of Evil," or the ingenious writing of a drama film such as Hitch's "Vertigo." 

     So then with abject horror and the sure sense of let down I was given the film "Doubt." This is truly a marvelous film on so many different levels. But I must limit my comments lest I give away too much of the film. Two different things came to mind when I finished watching this film. The first is that popular audiences undoubtedly saw yet another film about Catholic corruption, with the added flare of wonderful acting and a good plot line. On a deeper level though - I saw this film as a powerful parable about the contrast of the old tradition versus the new school of modernity, within Catholicism. A parable on what the world considers acceptable and backwards and unprogressive. A parable on good versus evil itself. 


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George Weis said...


I loved this movie even though one must be saddened over what has gone on in reality that this film touches on.

I love how you at first look at the old nun as being a total crab, but bit by bit, you see her good intentions. likewise, you see the virtue and foolishness in the younger nun. I like the contrast there.

It was brilliantly acted, and the direction was excellent.

It was a simple film, that had you scratching and wondering and changing your position several times... love that in a film.

Oddly enough, there was just a slight ray of hope there.

What is encouraging, is that even amidst doubt, we can hold fast to faith in the Lord. We do indeed see through a foggy lens at this point in time.